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Autumn Rock

Rock Life & Success Strategies founder, Autumn Rock, has acquired her credentials and skills over two decades through a variety of experiences, professional achievements, and personal pursuits.

She has been practicing abstinence based recovery and has mentored others in recovery for over two decades, working with hundreds of individuals, many of whom have experienced long term recovery and are living clean, sober, and successful lives. Much of this comes from her lead-by-example experience, recovery networking, and support in navigating the complex recovery systems. She has been invited to speak at The Women Who Inspire Conference, Voice Story International, interviewed on Warrior Wednesday by The Total Makeover Challenge, and has shared her recovery journey on recovery panels at The Orchard, Pacifica, Turning Point for Women, Vancouver Detox, Harbour Light, Stepping Stones, Amethyst House and the Heartwood Centre For Women.

She has been the Owner & CEO of three successful businesses; effectively managing staff, client relations, business development, and community programs, while maintaining successful recovery and mentoring others to maintain theirs. In her years of business practice, she has mentored many individuals, while personally developing models for success. These have been proven effective for both youth and adults in and out of her companies and have facilitated some incredible transformations.

Beyond that, she has done research in the areas First Nations history, human social dynamics, domestic violence recovery, financial management, addictions, codependency, eating disorders and trauma recovery. She has also studied brain function and on this level she has been described to have an advanced knowledge of neural biological systems. She is a certified NLP practitioner and has been trained by CanAm Interventions as an interventionist.


Further more, she has studied leadership through Brene Brown’s Brave Leaders Inc. Autumn has done extensive learning and practice in communications and conflict resolution and negotiation, both in business, personal relations and community. Additionally, she has earned a certificate as an Early Childhood Educator and has completed all of the Ministry of Children & Family Development foster parenting programs. She ran a government-subsidized daycare from her home while raising her own two daughters, supporting addicted families and has further experience working with some of MCFD’s highest-level needs children and babies.  And is now she is the Founder and Producer of the Women Who Inspire Conference.

As a recovery coach she has earned the following certifications through NET Institute Center of Addiction & Recovery Education and International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches (IAPRC):

  • Certification of Completion of Family Issues in Recover
  • Certification of Completion of Alcohol & it’s Effects
  • Certification of Completion of Motivation to Change
  • Certification of Completion of Neuroscience of Joyful Recovery
  • Certification of Completion of Coaching Families
  • Certification of Completion of Ethical & Legal Issues in Professional Recovery Coaching
  • Certification of Completion of Right Thinking in Recovery
  • Certification of completion of Roots of Addiction
  • Certification of Completion of Dynamics of Professional Recovery Coaching
  • Certification of Completion of Life Coaching Essentials

Rock Life & Recovery practitioners understand that no one should make themselves an island of support and encourage their clients to utilize community support, and the plethora of help available to them. We chose to consult with a professional network to achieve the best results. This includes people from many backgrounds including those with Masters in Psychology, Masters of Social Work, nurses and other health practitioners. With this in mind, if a client chooses to consult with us and we feel that they would benefit from community or government funded support, we are quick to refer them. In many years of supporting others in recovery and success we have made several referrals to local shelters and other community organizations. We believe in community support networks to achieve the highest good of clients and their community. 

Wishing you every success,

Rock Life & Success Strategies INC. 



Cea Person

I can't think of a better person to be heading up this business...Autumn knows more about successfully transforming one's life than anyone else I know. Her strength, insight and practical knowledge will be a huge befit to anyone wishing to move their lives in a more positive, healthy and meaningful direction.

Best Selling Author, Public Speaker

and An Inspiration for all Women


Monika, BScN

“I was going through so much in life…worried about my career, becoming a single mom, and fighting with anxiety and depression. With Autumn’s guidance, empathy, and understanding, I was able to be confident in my decision making and gain the tools I needed for coping. Autumn helped me to find the person I was meant to be, and to become the best person I could be. I went through counsellors and psychiatrists, but without Autumn I wasn’t able to change my cognitive behavior. She changed my mindset from negative to positive. She not only listened to me but also related to my issues, provided constructive feedback, and uplifted me in the situations where I felt completely defeated. I was no longer alone. I had knowledge of the tools I required to change my life and my thinking. I obtained life-building skills that helped me become mentally stronger and fully understand who I was as a person. Autumn is amazing because she is deeply passionate about what she does, and goes above and beyond in her work and assisting people in need.”



“We landed in Vancouver, excited and anxious. There were three of us, and a dog! We had seven days to find a place to live. But as new immigrants with no references, no jobs, and a dog, we were forced to flee to Vancouver Island as it was apparent we could not afford to live in Vancouver. 

I believe during the darkest times we meet special people. Autumn was one of them, and the first person who said “Come and see me when you are here”. As it turned out, we acquired not only a beautiful host but all her knowledge and wisdom which she generously shared with our family. She is gifted to be a great counsellor. She gave me a sense of belonging and made me comfortable in my new foreign country. She continued to support me when I landed my first job. I was impressed with her creativity and solution-based mindset when dealing with challenges. “Never Give Up!” is what Autumn is all about. She possesses amazing inner power and resilience. There’s a whole universe residing in her soul. Thank you, Autumn! I’m grateful to have been given a chance to know you! Keeping Rocking!”


Jason Bishop

“Autumn’s kindness and understanding have helped me in many ways. Helping me not feel alone with my troubles or feelings means a lot to me. One thing she taught me is how to listen… truly listen, to be present when someone is speaking. I am a success today – three beautiful kids, my own business, and 24 years clean as a result of loving people, like her, in my life.”

Owner of Great West Fire and Safety Ltd., Award Winning Triathlonist

Rebecca Hislop

“After just one exercise I felt more confident. Putting everything on paper and speaking it aloud gave me a feeling that my goals were attainable, and that I could make a game plan. It made me feel hopeful, excited, and even a little fearful. I was so glad to be supported and walking through it with someone who is passionate about helping me reach for success. There was an assurance that with help, my goals would be accomplished. Having someone with as much life experience as Autumn to hold me accountable for my actions really helped me stick to our strategies.”

Erica Bristow

"I found my coaching experience incredibly motivating. As the sessions reflected the stark contrast between the life I was living and the life I want to live, I instantly started to feel uncomfortable with staying stagnant for one moment longer. Immediately, upon leaving the sessions, I swung into action, moving swiftly toward the goal. I was completely ready to move and groove, enthusiastic and clear about where I was going.” 

Miranda de Jesus

“Autumn has been my trusted advisor for many years. I have come to count on her sound wisdom and leadership as something that I now could not, and would not want to be without in my life. She is consistent, compassionate, and focused, and offers straightforward tools to assist me in moving forward both personally, emotionally, and professionally. I value the many gifts that Autumn has shared with me and would recommend her, with utmost sincerity to anyone looking to achieve balance, while moving forward with positive momentum and clarity.”

Mother, Real Estate Professional,

Recovery and Positive Change Facilitator,

Essential Oils Advocate and Educator.

Stewart MacKenzie

“Autumn has taught me complete honesty and about friendship. I’m a better man today. She taught me that my truth is my survival.”

Jordan Babkowski

“With Autumn’s guidance I became a better version of myself. She taught me how to lead which I will be forever grateful for! She’s one of the most ambitious, outgoing, funny, and successful people I know. You can’t go wrong with Autumn - only forward.”


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