Mission Statement

We at Rock Life & Success Strategies believe every person is worthy of recovery and the opportunity to live our best life. We strive to provide the skills, support and encouragement needed to live beyond destructive systems, truly connect to self worth and live to our full potential once again.

We understand at a deep and fundamental level that shaming a dependent person does not work, if that were the solution most would have recovered long ago. Often, the shame and guilt we inflict upon ourselves is far greater than anything anyone else might induce. We, at Rock Life do the opposite by helping individuals source a completely different way of thinking, connecting and being in the world. We believe, because we have seen it happen, that dependent people can indeed Rock their LIVES!


What Is Recovery?

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) released a working definition of Recovery in 2011 defining recovery as, “A process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.” 


What is Recovery Coaching?

Recovery coaching is a solution focussed process that helps clients step back, question and analyze their thinking habits and take action towards a realization of their visions, their goals and desires. It can provide an unbroken line of support through the recovery process. It is more educative than therapeutic and solutions focused rather than problem focussed.

No one knows you better than YOU so Rock Life Recovery Coaching is founded on two main beliefs: 

  • there are many pathways to making a full recovery and you know which one will work best for you, and 
  • once sober, the solutions to the many challenges you will face in your life are actually found within. .

We help clients identify their strengths and together with them develop a solution based action plan. We know dependant people can Rock their Lives, because we have seen it, time and time again! We are so very honoured to be a part of that life enhancing, freedom inducing process.


What Recovery Coaching is not.

Recovery Coaching is not a replacement for professional therapy, treatment, detox, or medical attention and does not diagnose or specifically treat any pathology. Recovery Coaches do not engage in psychological assessments or counselling, nor do they adopt any spiritual philosophy. We at Rock Life & Success Strategies are not representative of any 12 Step Fellowship, are not limited to any one recovery practice or theory. Recovery coaching is not Twelve step Sponsorship.


What is Twelve Step Sponsorship?

The Twelve Step method is highly effective practice and we do encourage people to utilize anything they find useful for their own personal recovery journey. Having said that the 12 Step method was developed in the 1930’s and what we know now about dependency now is astronomically different than what was known then. We find that adding a recovery coach to any recovery process can help to bridge that gap.

Furthermore, there are many skills and tools for life that have proven to be the difference between solely remaining abstinent and truly reaching our full recovery potential. One Rock Life participant, who at five years found himself solely applying the twelve step program and beginning to feel stagnant in that process said this about his experience at Rock Life, “I knew the text book in and out, but it could only do so much for my life. In being introduced to these new life skills and processes, I was rocketed into a whole new dimension of existence around my true potential in life and recovery."